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After his article, "Achieving a Higher Safe Withdrawal Rate With the Target Percentage Adjustment," was published in the Journal of Financial Planning in January 2013, financial advisors asked David Zolt, "How can we use this new knowledge in our practices?" The article uses Monte Carlo simulation to demonstrate how the Target Percentage, a technique David pioneered, increases traditional safe withdrawal rates by 50%.

While drafting his presentation for financial advisors about the article and safe withdrawal rate research in general, David developed a new retirement planning technique. The Retirement Planner is the implementation of this new technique.

“This new update (2.0) is truly impressive. It is way beyond my expectations of what the spreadsheet might do.
I used it this past Friday with a relatively sophisticated client. The husband is a CFO and the wife is a tax preparer who works for a CPA. They loved the ability to do "what ifs". We kept "what ifing" until they had a good idea of which year they could most likely retire and still have a 98% probability that they would not run out of money for 40 years. We could even see that they would actually in most scenarios grow the portfolio over time even if they took increasing distributions each year.
It will also be helpful with clients when the news is not so good.
The multiple options for projecting returns using fixed average returns, historical period returns with the ability to pick your historical period and the random returns generated by the Monte Carlo engine is a fantastic addition. ”
~ John D., CFP

The Retirement Planner

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