The Retirement Planner Update

The Retirement Planner was updated in May 2014 to include a new feature that many financial planners requested. The new "How Long Will My Money Last?" routine is a projection of the client's portfolio and annual withdrawals for the 30 to 40 years after retirement. This projection can be performed using the following methods and assumptions:

1) Fixed portfolio returns and inflation (e.g., 6% portfolio returns, 3% inflation, etc.)
2) Historical capital market returns and inflation - you can select any calendar year since 1926.
3) Monte Carlo simulation

All three projection methods can be performed with or without applying the Target Percentage Adjustment.

The new "How Long Will My Money Last?" feature is a great client communication tool. You can quickly and easily do "what if?" projections using the client's data under a wide variety of assumptions as discussed above. The results are displayed both as a graph and as a table with year-by-year detail. To see a demonstration of the new "How Long Will My Money Last?" routines, watch these 3 tutorials:

The Retirement Planner

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